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Players Wanted for Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra

Established in April 2009, Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra is a subsidiary public institution of Hangzhou Culture Radio & Television Group. It is now one of the youngest and the most energetic professional symphony orchestras in China. Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra is located at the bank of the West Lake, Hangzhou. With orioles singing in the morning and beautiful sunset in the evening, the orchestra has not only beautiful landscape, but refined culture. As one of the ancient capitals of seven dynasties in China, Hangzhou is honored as “land of milk and honey”, “city of silk”, and “paradise on earth”. After a thousand years of development, Hangzhou is now making efforts to become an important internationalized city. G20 Summit is held in Hangzhou this September. As Hangzhou government’s “golden card” of cultural exchange with foreign countries, Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra takes “being first-rate in China, and being famous throughout the world” as the development goal to show the charm of Hangzhou and the voice of China to the whole world though music. After seven years of development, the orchestra is now in demand of more excellent performers. Please see details as follows:


I. Job Vacancy

1. Strings

Assistant Concertmaster                           Viola Assistant Principal

Bass Assistant Principal                           Violin Player

Violas Player                                            Cello Player

Bass Player

2. Winds

French Horn Principal                   Oboe Assistant Principal

Trumpet Assistant Principal               Trombone Assistant Principal

Flute Player                

The Timpani Assistant Principal and Percussion Player


II. Application and Initial Examination of Qualification:

1. Please visit, download the application form and complete it.

2. Please send your materials for initial examination to, and indicate “name + position” in the subject. Detailed materials are required as follows:

Application form and video of solo performance (we suggest you upload your video to Youku)

Scanned copies of academic certificate and diploma

Scanned copy of valid ID

One 2-inch certificate photo (electric edition)

3. Deadline: 11 December 2016

III. Interview (Live Audition):

Specific test time and other details will be informed by E-mail after your materials for initial examination are approved.

IV. Content of Interview

Please visit

1. Solo (please choose from the solo repertoires assigned by the orchestra);

2. Orchestra excerpt;

3. Sight-reading.

V. Consultation:

1. Consulting telephone for librarian: 0571-88808170


2. Consulting telephone for application: 0571-88808110




Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra

30 November 2016